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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 13, 2011 2:05am-2:40am PST

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he'll be too busy reprising his role in the fourth austin powers movie out next year. >> he's finally going to do another one. good! >> and could 13-year-old paris jackson be moonwalking in her father's footsteps? the king of pop's daughter is set to make her acting debut in the upcoming london's bridge and the three keys, the animated live action film that's based on the young adult fantasy book series and we've got one final check on the live feed for you on this monday afternoon. we asked who do you think the sexiest woman is of all time? karen w tweeted marilyn monroe, hands down. rafael b wrote on facebook, cindy crawford and it's not even close. jacqueline says sofia loren forever and 45 minutes ago, denise said jennifer, i think not. eva longoria, much prettier. and jim o wrote, omg, how could i not mention lizzie.
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>> i wonder why you're not on the list. >> my husband wrote that. we want to know what you think, go to facebook/7live and you can send us a tweet or e-mail. what do you think of the glasses? >> i like the glasses. i think they're very flattering. >> i had a sty in my eye all weekend so my eyes are just bugging out. i had to take the contacts out. >> great. don't they look great? >> thanks. thank you. >> wear them more often. >> we should have glasses day and we have to speak with an accent. >> that should be it. >> stay tuned for the news at 4:00. lizzie and i will see you tomorrow. have a lovely evening.
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>> ultimately we weren't them open our side. we want them to know we are could go this for them. >> they are full of crap because they are not making a truck payment. >> people have to think about who are they hurting? >>reporter: frustrated mayor kwan lashes out at the protestors tonight as hundreds march to shut down the port of oakland. >> it wasn't complete shut dow down. we found at least one crew moving containers tonight. good evening. >> protestors voted tonight to block the port next shift from starting at 3:00 a.m. that.
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means a long night for port workers. roughly 2000 demonstrators march to the port of oakland early this evening and the numbers dwindled consider my 100 or so still there tonight. allen is live with the latest. allen? >>reporter: you are lacking at the hard core protestors whether moon to shut down the next shift that starts at 3:00 a.m. demonstration moved down here to berth 60 to 63 in front of the a p l terminal and so far police allowed the shut counsel to continue. around 6:00 o'clock about 2,000 protestors marched to the port of oakland where they shut down the 7:00 p.m. shift swarmed several trucks including this rig paralyzed since 9 this morning. >> i don't know. 1300 dollars a day. theyhere out here until next year. >> but the protestors say they are fighting for ronaldson and
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other non-union truckers. >> in the long run we may get a better wage. >>reporter: officially the international long shore warehouse union says it is not supporting the blockade. but that didn't stop members from participating. >> yes. long shore man leadership is against it. i'm rank and file. i make my own decision of what i am for. >> this long shore man says most of the one to 200 union members never even tried to work the 7:00 p.m. shift. rank file spoke today by not crossing lines. so i mean that was a voice in itself. we didn't good to work today and i don't think we would good to work. cross community line or go in under police protection. >>reporter: they are under contract that prohibits them from striking but the demonstrators say they played a key role in unofficial way. >> been very clear. there is massive support amongst the long shore men of members and section of the leadership. otherwise in reality we
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wouldn't have been able to shut down the port today. >>reporter: now tonight the general assembly voted to stretch the shut down to 3:00 a.m. partly because of police force used at other port demonstration on the west coast. police presence here has been minimal. reporting live at the port of oakland, abc 7 news. all right thanks allen. this port blockade began around six this morning. protestors claim they shut the port down disputed by port officials but the union confirms that 150 of its 200 members never made to it work for the day shift. >> iraq war veteran olson among those leading the march tonigh tonight. olson seen here in the center with a neck brace received traumatic brain injury during confrontation with police during march on october 24th. mayor kwan is frustrated by the protest. she is calling it economic violence. >> she join the police chief and port officials tonight to express her concern. >>reporter: lillian is live at
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the port with that part of the story for us. lillian? >> mayor kwan is basically saying enough is enough and so are people who make a living delivering goods. >>reporter: it wasn't a total shut down. some parts of the port of oakland were apartmen apartmenting -- operating but it created a major backlog. off dock yard is packed with containers full of goods. dropped off by truck drivers who are unable to enter the port today. >> we have a lot of almonds, pots and pans. goods. anything from recycle materials to any of the goods that we consume and export on daily basis. >>reporter: they must pay a lot owner to keep the container here and no telling how long they will stay. >> even one day puts everything behind and if you had a vessel to meet today that you are not going to meet the cut, now you have to wait for the next vessel in a week or 2.
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>>reporter: oakland mayor kwan is fed up. she says protestors must stop holding the port the city and regional economy hostage and says the fact that the protest has been extended through the early morning hours is unfair. >> people have to think about their consequences. people have to think about who are they hurting. they are saying oh, we want to get the attention of the ruling klachlts i think the ruling class is probably laughing and people in this city will be crying this christmas. it's really got to stop. >>reporter: so far oakland police has had a hand off approach to the protest and whether that will continue in the over tonight hours remains to be seen. >> we are continuing to monitor the situation to assess what our next moves are. a lot of our decisions are based on the crowds demeanor what they are doing and our resources we have available. >>reporter: despite her stern words tonight mayor kwan did thank the protestors for keeping the demonstration peaceful. leif in oakland, 7
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news. thanks. occupy movement targeted ports up and down the west coast today. longview in washington state several demonstrators pepper sprayed and police setoff grenade to break up the march. september home over concerns for the health and safety. >> no ports in san jose to to occupiers marched on wells fargo bank in park center plaza. they accused the bank of financing prison for immigrant. meanwhile city officials have offered a deal to the occupiers arrested in november for camping in city hall f.they agree to not set up tent on city hall plaza for next two years all charges will be dropped. search under way in pinole tonight for the gunman who shot a man in the parking lot of in and out burger. happened 5:30. police believe this was a targeted attack. witness said that he heard at least 3 shots. everyone scattered. >> i look over here in the
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corner and i saw actually there was 3 guys from in and out that worked here. when they heard the shot they took off running. >> the victim is in critical condition right now. he has been life plateed to john muir no, sir walnut creek. >>reporter: police say there were other people in the car sitting with the victim but they were not hurt. investigators are still trying to pin down the motive and they have not ruled out drugs as a possibility. thieves hit one particular storage facility in the south bay 28 times this year. police say the public storage on kurt avenue in campbell hit the hardest in the city. thieves broken that storage units there 8 times this month alone. according to our media partner the mercury news. company has not responded to our request for comment on this. police advice people with storage units to use lock that is can not be cut. prison work program at san quentin means inmates give a little back to crime victims. inmates in the program get paid minimum wage to assemble
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medical supplies and 20 percent of the pay goes to the victim of crime. prisoners contributed 38,000 dollars to the victims fund this year. 7 organizations received checks today. that money will be used for direct services for crime victims including emergency shelter. >> more to get to this monday coming up. bandit about to make out like a bandit. >> shouldn't profit from criminal activity. and i believe in this case the suspect is going to profit. >> the room full of stuff that is just waiting for a burglar to get out of jail. >> also. blue star mom ripped off in the lucky supermarket credit card reader scam and then this. >> i tell you what. 10,000 buck sns. >> mitt romney 10,000 dollar bet and he probably would pay more at this point to take it back. >> then later tonight. on "nightline". >> i'm cynthia mcfadden. coming up next on "nightline". stunning recording of an alleged family crime. man goes to his mother-in-law to pick up his son and she shoots him.
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police say. >> plus the god fts of football tebow and the power of prayer. >> plus the god fts of football tebow and the power of prayer. that's on
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>> penn state tonight unconfirmed reports of at least one military helicopter crash near tacoma a.searchers have been dispatched to a base training area there. details are sketchy on this but we'll bring you more as soon as we get more. >> well crime isn't supposed to pay but tell that to the victi victims of thief in san francisco. she stole unbelievable amount of stuff and went to jill for it. but when she gets out a lot of that stuff police confiscated will be waiting for her. vick lee with story only from abc 7 new news. >> paintings. lap top. tools. designer clothes. trail bike. even dog collars and much mor more. police recovered 8 truckloads of stolen goods when they arrested gandhi and accomplice joseph have did he say in march of last year. it's the biggest burglary case veteran police sergeant has ever seen. >> i have spoken to all the senior inspectors in charge of burglary and everything else and nobody that see this is
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kind of volume of property. >> we have numerous items here. >>reporter: sergeant showed us what is left in the police warehouse. all of it still unclaimed from those 8 truckloads. >> we probably given back 3 so at least 4 to 5 truckloads still left that have to go back. >>reporter: these unclaimed items would ultimately be auctioned off. money going into the city coffer. but in this case police are packing up all these items to be returned to gandhi. who was convicted of the burglary in january. the order was signed by judge angela brad street. >> that was the information i was given and that means all the storage that i have here has to be returned ivshtion everything. >> everything. >>reporter: if these are her personal items and not stolen then she collects suitcases. l rides trail bike. loves expensive paintings. him with a price tag still on. baseball fan. has a shoe fetish. the order makes sergeant and the dozens of officers who worked
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on the case hopping mad. >> she should have to prove that she had legal right to have this property. i believe we have a lot of outstanding victims that didn't claim this property and that this is in fact stolen property. >> my personal xhoout computer. lap top. i-pod. small electronic, purses, jewelry. >>reporter: courtney listed all the things gandhi is accused of stealing from her marina apartment. she's rushing to look at the pictures from these binders this week. to see if they are items are still here. mcfadden questions whether this is l really justice. >> now she gets out and actually rewarding profitting from this. is i think ridiculous. >>reporter: now judge broader street said through a court spokesperson that she approved the order after gandhi lawyer and the police legal officer agreed to the deal. the attorney has not returned our call and police legal officer is out of town. vick lee, 7 news. music executive died today after being shot last week by a gun man on a rampage in the
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heart of hollywood. 40-year-old john at berry work was spice girls and jaes simpson an executive with death row record. he was shot by this man 26-year-old tyler pwloym walked down the middle of sunset boulevard firing bullet into the area and at cars as he screamed that he wanted to die. 2 of swhors just happened to be in the area at the time shot and killed the man. >> rush of donation saved military care package program after thieves stole the fundin funding. south bay blue star mom lost more than 3000 dollars in this card skimming scam at lucky grocery stores. avenues reports about the theft donation came pouring in and tonight the group has enough to cover the theft. about 500 lucky supermarket shoppers were affected by this scam. republican presidential candidate romney and gingrich traded barb today fall out from romney offer of 10,000 dollar bet at saturday debate. both candidates campaigned in new hampshire today. romney tried to explain the betting remark and gingrich responded to
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romney suggestion he return the millions he earned from mortgage giant freddie mac. >> common thing to say i bet awe million buck. >> fwo like to give back the money he earned from bankrupting company and laying off employees, over his years, i would be glad to then listen to him and i'll bet 10 dollars not 10,000 that he won't take the offer. >>reporter: the bet over a line that was or wasn't in romney book. gingrich now the clear front runner. he ladies in 3 of the first 4 primary and caucus states and he's gaining in the fourth, new hampshire. all right. let's turn your attention now to the weather forecast. another week. >> a little bit of wet weather this morning. sandy is here with more for us. >> we did have a little bit of wet weather today but wasn't enough to make a dent in our rainy season. show you the rainfall as far as percentage of normal. santa rosa 2011, 46 percent of normal last year
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this time we are at 125 percent of normal. last year rainy season. san francisco stands at 53 percent of normal. oakland 58 and san jose 42 percent of normal. no where close to where we were last year at this time. so we certainly are running behind state wide sierra snow pack around 35 percent of normal. we certainly could use the rai rain. didn't get whole lot today. anywhere from trace amount to few hundredths of an inch. quarter inch in monterey but we saw a little glimpse of the sun submitted by peggy c. san martin area. cloudy skies. few light showers today and finally she said the sun was showing. certainly saw a lot of sun as it was going down from high definition east bay hills camera look at the sunset. 4:51 the sun wept down and cloud started to part. we have seen the clouds clear away tonight and you can see spectacular sunset there. with the clear sky tonight we are in for a cold night and we already have fog forming at this hour in places like fairfield white
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is 36 grease. 36 in napa. novato. foggy there. dense fog there quarter mile visibility. 35 in livermore. also starting to see some fog for the morning commute. you are going to see some patchy fog during that commute. mostly sunny for your tuesday. dry pattern into the weekend. here's look at the satellite radar this is the system that brought us few showers. it is headed down to southern california where they have been seeing some rain and some snow. for us it's clearing trend wand this clearing trend we are facing some very cold nights ahead of us as we continue to see the clear skies and cool afternoon really with temperatures averaging a good two to continue degrees below normal for this time of year. so tomorrow afternoon again we will see sunny skies. it's not only dry here but really dry in eureka. no rain so far this month. it's the driest start to december on record in 121 years. just goes to show you we are not the only ones dealing with a dry weather
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here. dry up to the north of us as well. by morning do expect some frost. 32 degrees in livermore. up there in fair field. 28 napa. 29 degrees santa rosa. certainly need a sweater or jacket scarf glove as you head out the door. in this area 36 degrees in santa cruz. afternoon high will be all in the 50's under mostly sunny conditions and for the monterey bay we look at temperatures in the 50's as well. 58 degrees for new santa cruz. as you look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast few extra clouds coming our way. middle to latter part of the work week wednesday thursday but no rain expected with that thursday system. it pass us by temperatures will remain in the 50's to 60's range. really for the next 7 days. >> unusual. >> it is. really going in a dry extended dry period of time here. >> all right thanks gentleman coming up next. entire year worth of work was wrapped up in christmas favorite tonight. >> join the army of wrappers making the holiday a little
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>> join the army of wrappers making the holiday a little nastier for others.
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>> 10 year holiday tradition on display in red wad city tonigh tonight. the red born community center once again transformed that toy land this
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evening. occasion? gift wrap party whether community members wrapped donated toys and backs for needy children. athletic group were collecting toys year round this year the book drive will provide a merry christmas for more than 500 family ins need. >> fantastic. all right. a a lot of people get a kick out of video making rounds on the web two little boy face off in tae qwon do fight. received more than million and a half view in two days. seems the boy were his good pairing. both had fancy moves but neither ever made contact with the other. just call it a tie. >> that is so cute. >> adorable. >> i don't know were they wear the helmet and pad. >> i love that. larry might have helped train these guys. >> back in my karate day. the lethal move. >> never hit anybody with it. never able to connect. like the kid in the blue.
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>> or the red. >> still nfc west champ going to the play offs but 49 versus serious concerns. don't make me bust it out dan. >> all right. >> serious concerns rate now. what is wrong with the offense. jim harbaugh responds. sports is next. hold still so i can jim harbaugh responds. sports is next. hold still so i can hit you.
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>> good evening. what a difference a week makes. 7 days ago frainers basking in the glory first division title since 2002. tonight frustration about questions about the offense. frainers lose to go arizona yesterday 21-19. repeatedlyfeld goal inside the red zone. bad pass. miscue. recuring theme this season overlooked but frainers are winning game. fact is they are last in the league in red zone offense. jim harbaugh hears your frustration. >> look we know we know there is criticism. we know that there's going to be why. what happened? what took place why didn't you do this or that or throw the ball here he's your go to guy?
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we are not going to talk about it. talk about it to our players. to our people. >> i'll tell you nothing. rai raiders shell shocked after crushed by the world champion packers in green bay yesterday. this game never close. rodgers did whatever he wanted. palmer just the opposite. threw 4 pick. raiders blown out on the road two week in a row. jackson says they showed why they are undefeated. >> we played the world champio championless tonight. played a team that just held the the trophy a year ago and undefeated. 13 and o. that's what we are aspiring to be and last tonight was a measuring system obviously for myself and the football team and we are not there. we are not where we need to be. be the first to tell you that. but we also got a chance to see it firsthand up close personal about where we need to be. >> monday night football rams in seattle where they love the beast mode. about doug blocked
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the punt. scooped up by former niner robinson in for the touch down. not a big star with the cardinals but made a name for im himself in seattle. 7 catches 93 yards. 20-6 seahawks. link puts law is away. 3 minutes to good. goes for 115 yards on the night. break out the skittles. they are 6 and 7 and play off hope alive. clippers match warriors and remains golden state cente center. media day talking about culture change. see change in the middle but at this point he's the only option anded admits to losing confidence, didn't want to touch the ball but he says he's over all that. >> you hear all about the trade and everything else and getting some of this here and i think
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it helps too that about motivates even more i'm still good. i had my down but i'm back and ready to go. need him back. that's toyota sports report. >> thanks larry. >> "nightline"up next. >> thanks for joining us everyone. >> thanks for joining us everyone. >> see you tomorrow.
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ized hero getting showered with praise for quick thinking actions that saved his
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mom. 6-year-old aaron dobber riding in the car with his mother. she lost control of the car and it plunged 40 feet down an embankment. mom was stuck in her seat belt, but the first grader managed to crawl out, make his way to the road and flagged down some help. >> we rolled down a huge hill. it looked like it was a cliff. it felt like a big monster was going like that and throwing it and stepping on it. >> brave little guy. most kids of course would have panicked refused to leave their mother's side. aaron left for the right reason. had the presence of mind to grab his mom's purse. well done. >> well done. now to a story that redefines close call. a surfer narrowly escaping being bitten by a shark. his surfboard wasn't nearly so lucky. the bbc's duncan kennedy has the story. >> reporter: too close to maul, the bite that missed the surfer by a whisker. the board-euvre ahead of the intended main
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course, steven king. >> probably the luckiest guy on two legs at the moment. >> reporter: the shark swam up with a mouth full of surfboard leaving steven with a few minor injuries. >> just as i was basically taking off, jumping up. just a bang from the side. and i went cartwheeling through the air. and then there was thrashing beside me. >> reporter: he says he's never seen a shark here off northern new south wales in 22 years of surfing. unlike his board, he made it back to shore in one piece. >> relieved. very relieved. we are lucky steve is with us. >> reporter: there have been a high unusual fatal shark attacks around australia. there is always some danger. >> you have to be realistic. this is their territory. we are visitors. >> reporter: steven may be hoping to get a new board for christmas. duncan kennedy, bbc news, sydney. >> surfers love to surf.
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i have friends that surf, you cannot scare them out of the water. >> the guy says despite all this i am going right back soon as i can. the guy said it best. we are just visitors. you're in their turf. >> it's their water. a couple of salvation army kettles have turned up more than dollar bills and coins in kansas city. a $10,000 bar of gold and $800 dropped in one of the red kettles. get this -- a $5,000 gold bar turned in a kettle not too far away. just last week, a loose diamond was found in a kettle in that state. good folks of missouri helping out the salvation army. >> people in the giving mood this holiday. >> much better than pennies, nickels people toss in. good for them. well, here's a look at your weather. up to two feet of mountain snow in new mexico, utah, arizona, and colorado. downpours from phoenix to dallas and up to des moines. freezing rain from denver to duluth. >> 40s, kansas city, minneapolis to detroit.
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45 in boston. 61 in atlanta. 80 in miami. 50s in phoenix, sacramento. 34 in boise. well, first lady michelle obama has been front and center when it comes to the first family's holiday activities. yesterday wasn't any different. >> 'twas the night before christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. >> mrs. obama there, reading of course "the night before christmas" to the little ones at children's hospital in washington. took time to introduce them to the family dog, bo. >> bo featured in the white house decorations this year. really nothing quite like meeting the right thing. >> bo must be the most well-behaved dog. never seen him bark. on good behavior. >> for that breed of dog that is sort of surprising. they're a little rambunctious. they're strong, sporting dogs, working dogs. you know i know about do


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